Count down to the IPVC programme

14th – 16th September, 2021

1st International Potato Value Chain and Root Crops Conference & Exhibition

Brief of the Conference and Expo

The 1st International Potato Value Chain and Root Crops conference and Expo was created to generate ideas on how to push forward the frontiers of the massive cultivation of Potato and other root crops development in Nigeria. The target is to deepen the production and expand the market through the enrichment of the business ideas as well as conducting specialized pieces of training on modern Machine Operations for local farmers and attendees. These exposures would enable them to address the challenges of massive production, processing, preservation, promotion, and packaging of the byproducts of potatoes and that of other Roots crops in Nigeria. Indeed, the conference and Expo offer Participants opportunities to network, be introduced to the latest mechanized farming equipment and tools, all to increase their productions and their investment returns. The programme would by extension address persistent post-harvest losses suffered from zero processing and preservation facilities. This is also in-line with the economic diversification drive of the Agenda of the government of President  Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, on improving the nation’s Agricultural value chain. The conference and Expo is therefore conceived to add value to the entire value-chain of the Nigerian Agric. Sector by annually assembling major stakeholders, the best brains in the industry, to evaluate the sector, identify areas requiring improvement, with a view to guiding and advising the federal and state governments on policy directions and actions. In order words, We are in support of the good intentions of the Federal Government on Agriculture, hence our target- To stimulate

the industrialization and commercialization of the cultivation and production of Potato and other root crops in Nigeria. Indeed, we desire that Government succeeds in fostering a broad-based economic empowerment for smallholder farmers, especially those involved in the cultivation of Potato and other root crops. Because of its international importance, the 3-day event has been approved by the Plateau State government, and endorsed by the African Union, the German Agribusiness Alliance, NIDO Germany, NIRSAL, and the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN). More endorsements are being awaited. More importantly, we have the full backing of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture through its department of Agriculture. During the Expo, participants would appraise the newest ideas on how to invest in the value chain of Potato and other root crops, using cutting-edge process technology. At the moment, Potato farming is still at subsistence level in Nigeria, due to lack of innovative solutions and application of mechanized methods to change the narrative. We believe that introducing modern methods of improving the yields, mass production and preservation of Potato will enrich the finances of the farmers. Similarly, it will create massive jobs for the youths and by extension, impact positively on all those involved in the value-chain-stretch- comprising of the production of Potato for consumption, manufacturing of potato products for industrial processing and the marketing of fresh Potato and Potato products.


Among those attending are international guests and companies from Germany and other European countries, including GRIMME -Germany (Member of German Agribusiness Alliance under the leadership of Frank Nordmann – Co-Chair-German Agribusiness Alliance, Equipment manufacturers from German Agribusiness Alliance, and European Investors interested in buying Nigerian Irish Potato. The rest are the Nigerian Agric. leaders and communities, including the low and the mighty in Agribusinesses.

Aim and objectives


Bring together local and international Agricultural experts to proffer solutions on how to advance the production, processing, preservation, packaging and promotion of potato and other root crops in Nigeria and west Africa

Participation fee

Individual registration is $63.83/N30, 000 per participant while corporate registration is $1489.362/N700, 000 for a maximum slot of 25 persons.

  • Gather the best brains in the Nigerian Agricultural sector to  evaluate the performance of the industry, especially the Root Crops sub-sector and advise government and farmers on best solutions
  • Promote and attract investment opportunities in the massive production of Potato, with a view to improving farming methods to increase yields.
  • Enhance the implementation of the Federal and State Governments policies on Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) on Agriculture.
  • Evaluate ways that Nigeria can benefit immensely from African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) agreement signed by the Federal Government as the biggest economy in Africa.
  • Provide training opportunities to potato and Root crops farmers in Nigeria, on how to expand their yields, financial investments, and Returns
  • Connect government officials and Nigerians in the Agribusinesses with German and European experts, investors, and manufacturers of modern farming equipment with a view to improving bilateral business relationship between the Europeans and their Nigerian counterparts.
  • Provide a veritable platform for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and the Plateau state government to promote capacity building for farmers, and exposing them to the modern method of cultivation and preservation of root crops.